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Welcome to Dware Solutions

Delivering quality administrationtools to Windows system administrators is our mission. Our primary product is called Dware GroupAdmin. This program makes the daily tasks for a typical Windows network administrator much more easy to perform... Including user, group and share management and a valueable set of tools integrated in a very neat user interface.

Dware GroupAdmin has grown to be a very popular tool for Windows NT/2000/XP Administrators around the world. Dware GroupAdmin is far more than just Windows Group administration, it is a complete management interface. Download an evaluation version of our GroupAdmin product today.

GroupAdmin version 3.65 released 05/28/02 includes a new tool to help you query your DNS and WINS servers to verify that the nameresolution functions are working as expected. Download the GroupAdmin application and see what it can do for you. The screenshot page has been updated.

New Version 3.68 of GroupAdmin released

Screenshot showing the GroupAdmin main interface


A new freeware application called LogCommander has been released 01/18/03. LogCommander gives you a frontend to your textbased logfiles such as IIS / Proxy / ISA logs. You have the possibility to monitor changes to your logfiles in realtime, analog to using the unix tail command. The application is distributed as freeware


LogCommander 1.10 released

Screenshot showing the LogCommander main interface



Latest news:

10/03/03 NEW Version 3.68 of Dware GroupAdmin Released  Download now
01/19/03 Version 1.10 of Dware LogCommander released (freeware) Download now
11/29/02 Version 3.67 of GroupAdmin released, updated functionality
04/30/02 Version 3.64 of GroupAdmin released
04/03/02 Version 3.62 of GroupAdmin released, new DNS/WINS Query Tool
02/21/02 Version 3.60 of GroupAdmin released
01/20/02 Release 3.60 of GroupAdmin is in beta, many new features implemented
12/11/01 Product updated, version 3.54 important AD updates, new report functions implemented
10/20/01 GroupAdmin 3.53, remote shutdown functions and more
09/21/01 GroupAdmin 3.52 released, small bugfixes and new functionality implemented
09/05/01 GroupAdmin Version 3.5 released!  Productinfo
08/22/01 GroupAdmin version 3.4 in beta, featuring ActiveDirectory and many new functions
06/08/01 Public release of Dware GroupAdmin version 3.3
05/25/01 GroupAdmin release Ver 3.2
04/20/01 GroupAdmin release Ver 3.1
02/25/00 www.dware.com website launched


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