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Dware NT/2000/XP GroupAdmin is a tool designed to help you with your daily Windows administration tasks. This easy to use application makes your life as an Windows administrator much easier. Useraccounts, local and global groups and shares are very easily managed from this application. Included in the application are also lots of very useful features such as:

Unique windows User / Group management interface
Highly improved user account creation, autocreate homedirectories with permissions set
Active Directory browser
NT Domain / Workgroup browser, system information tool
Service management interface
Group membership search functions
Easy Share management interface
Group report generation
Computer/Server reports
Terminal Services management
Process Explorer
Group Copy / Synchronization Tool
LDAP Directory search
Mission Critical Enterprise Administrator (EA) integration

and more...

Extensive product information in our online Product Documentation

Take a look at the Screenshots of the product

GroupAdmin is designed to be used by NT and Windows 2000 system administrators and therefore it requires administrative rights on the servers and domains which you want to manage using this tool.

If you have questions or problems, or want to check to see if a new version is available, see the supportpage on our website. If you need information on purchasing GroupAdmin, see the Licensing and Registration section for pricing and licensing information.

Download a 30 day trial of the application, we can assure that you will like GroupAdmin

Windows NT 4.0 (requires SP6a and MS Active Directory Services Interface)
Microsoft Active Directory Services Interface is  included in this package - ADS.EXE