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GroupAdmin FAQ

Q: Why am I unable to view members of included groups? I keep getting the errormessage: Network path not found, Unable to connect to WinNT://DOMAIN/Groupname

A: The remote domain must be able to verify who you are, if you are logged on as a domain administrator in your local domain then you will be able to view all included groups which are from your own domain. However in many NT network configurations where "masterdomains" are used your, permissions as Domain Admin in your resource domain might not be sufficient to retrieve the included groups from other domains. The reason for this is usually that the master domain does not have a trust against the resource domain. Normally the useraccounts are places in the masterdomains, and therefore the trusts are only set in the direction from resourcedomains to the masterdomains.

Solution: Log on to your local computer using your masterdomain account, place your masterdomain  account in the local administrators group of the computers or servers that you want to manage