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Product Registration

Dware GroupAdmin is a distributed as shareware. You can use the program for 30 days, when the evaluation period expires you must register the program if you continue to use it.

Pricing model

Number of licenses Price

Single license   

$ 59

3 License Pack   

$ 159

5 License Pack   

$ 259

10 License Pack   

$ 499



We use the shareIT registration service for our product registration processing, when your order has been processed you will receive your licensekey for the GroupAdmin application within 24 hours.


License Agreement

GroupAdmin is licensed on an "AS IS" basis without any warranty of any kind. There is no implied or specified guarantee related to program usage, function, or reliability. The limit of liability for use of this program shall be a complete refund of the original purchase price. Any other costs incurred in the use of this software, including those involving damage and disruption of business, and all risk as to the quality and performance of this software, are entirely borne by the individual(s) or company(s) by which they are employed. Some jurisdictions do not allow warranty exclusions, so this disclaimer may not be applicable to you, and you may have additional legal rights that are specific to your jurisdiction.

You may use Dware GroupAdmin free-of-charge for 30 days after installation. After this time, you must register and pay for its continued use. Registration instructions can be found in the online help. Upon registration and receipt of payment, you or your organization will receive licenseinformation with registrationcode that will grant you the right to use the registered version of the product indefinitely. The act of using GroupAdmin, and any associated utilities, implies acceptance of this agreement both by you and any organization that you represent or belong to.

GroupAdmin Licensing
GroupAdmin is licensed only to the user actually using the software, regardless of the number of end-users, domains, or servers actually managed. GroupAdmin is sold in single and multiple license packs. Each administrator that uses GroupAdmin requires a separate license. Once licensed, an administrator can use the application on their local workstation, on a server, through a dialup connection, or from any workstation via network access. Concurrent-use licensing is not permitted, due to the difficulty of compliance and usage tracking.

Software Distribution
This software may be distributed in electronic forums, bulletin boards, and Internet sites, as long as:
It is distributed in the original, complete, unregistered format with an initial 30-day trial period. 
All files, including this license file, must be included.
No profit is made, or charge obtained for its distribution